December 10, 2022


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Alex de Pfyffer

Heritage Holding and Core Fiber Partners

We are very excited to be announcing Core Fiber Partners as our commitment to build fiber in rural communities.  Our mission is to provide high speed internet to businesses, schools and families in areas that are underserved and unserved. 

We plan to do so by :

  • Building a fiber-centric network.
  • Partnering with local ISPs

I started Heritage Holding with my partner Ross in 2015 as an investment firm focused on partnering with successful small businesses and helping them grow. We have been focused on data and data transport – over the last 8 years we have built strong businesses in data centers, IT hardware businesses and in the network construction space. Ross and I got our start managing a company that was building and maintaining critical infrastructure with a big focus on aerial and underground fiber. As we grew that company, the need for high speed internet became so obvious.

This is why we decided to acquire and build our own networks in towns of this country that need it most.

Heritage also specializes in helping business owners transition ownership. We are very passionate about the generational transition that needs to happen in the US, there are millions of retirement age small business owners that want to find the right partner to continue the legacy of their business. We make it happen! Over the years we have successfully and smoothly facilitated dozens of ownership transitions

So, if you are a business owner/founder that owns an ISP who wants a path to transition out of your business, to retire, spend time with your family or go fishing, give us a call.

If you’re a professional with a passion for high speed internet and want to be part of a growing company give us a call as well!We have grown tremendously in the last year but we are just getting started. We are building a national leader in the internet service space. Be a part of it!

Thanks for reading.

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